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At Skocik Chiropractic, our Harrisburg chiropractic care team is passionate about empowering our patients to live healthier, more active lives without the need for drugs or surgery to manage pain. Whether you are struggling with chronic back pain, neck pain, a whiplash injury, sciatic, a work injury, neuropathy, or another health condition, our chiropractor in Harrisburg is here to help.

ADHD - Chiropractic Care by City

ADHD Camp Hill-click here
ADHD Dauphin-click here
ADHD Grantville-click here
ADHD Halifax-click here
ADHD Hummelstown-click here
ADHD Lemoyne-click here
ADHD Summerdale-click here

Back Pain - Chiropractic Care by City

Back Pain Camp Hill-click here
Back Pain Dauphin-click here
Back Pain Grantville-click here
Back Pain Halifax-click here
Back Pain Hummelstown-click here
Back Pain Lemoyne-click here
Back Pain Summerdale-click here


Chiropractic - Chiropractor Care by City

Chiropractic Camp Hill-click here
Chiropractic Dauphin-click here
Chiropractic Grantville-click here
Chiropractic Halifax-click here
Chiropractic Hummelstown-click here
Chiropractic Lemoyne-click here
Chiropractic Summerdale-click here


Chiropractor - Chiropractor Care by City

Chiropractor Camp Hill-click here
Chiropractor Dauphin-click here
Chiropractor Grantville-click here
Chiropractor Halifax-click here
Chiropractor Hummelstown-click here
Chiropractor Lemoyne-click here
Chiropractor Summerdale-click here


Chiropractors - Chiropractic Care by City

Chiropractors Camp Hill-click here
Chiropractors Dauphin-click here
Chiropractors Grantville-click here
Chiropractors Halifax-click here
Chiropractors Hummelstown-click here
Chiropractors Lemoyne-click here
Chiropractors Summerdale-click here


Diabetes - Chiropractic Care by City

Diabetes Camp Hill-click here
Diabetes Dauphin-click here
Diabetes Grantville-click here
Diabetes Halifax-click here
Diabetes Hummelstown-click here
Diabetes Lemoyne-click here
Diabetes Summerdale-click here


Pain Management - Chiropractic Care by City

Pain Management Camp Hill-click here
Pain Management Dauphin-click here
Pain Management Grantville-click here
Pain Management Halifax-click here
Pain Management Hummelstown-click here
Pain Management Lemoyne-click here
Pain Management Summerdale-click here


Plantar Fasciitis - Chiropractic Care by City

Plantar Fasciitis Camp Hill-click here
Plantar Fasciitis Dauphin-click here
Plantar Fasciitis Grantville-click here
Plantar Fasciitis Halifax-click here
Plantar Fasciitis Hummelstown-click here
Plantar Fasciitis Lemoyne-click here
Plantar Fasciitis Summerdale-click here

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Skocik Chiropractic was very personable and informative. Dr. Skocik and his staff purposefully takes care of their patients with attentiveness and professionalism. I enjoyed my time there and highly recommend Skocik Chiropractic."
    B, Wanda

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