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Pediatric Chiropractic

Skocik Chiropractic Offers Quality Chiropractic Care for Children

Many adults visit a chiropractor to help them heal from an injury, to help manage chronic pain, for physical therapy, and to help them achieve various health and wellness goals with the aid of the experts. However, few people realize that there are chiropractors who are trained to treat pediatric patients, and that the whole family can benefit from a visit to their local chiropractor. At Skocik Chiropractic, we serve Harrisburg and the surrounding areas with quality chiropractic care for your whole family.

 Chiropractic Care for Children

What Does a Pediatric Chiropractor Treat?

A pediatric chiropractor can treat many conditions, starting with infants who may be dealing with sleep and comfort problems due to their position in the womb, to toddlers who are learning to walk, to school aged children who carry heavy back packs or may have a sports injury from playing day to day. We treat children of from infants to teens with quality and specialized care.

Conditions commonly treated at a chiropractic family practice include persistent ear infections, colds, asthma symptoms, colic in infants, headaches and migraines, scoliosis, indigestion, constipation, growing pains, ADHD, traumatic injuries, sports injuries, physical therapy, and much more. Our care plan will be specialized to your child's unique needs for the best results for your family.

If You Have Been Looking for Chiropractic Care for Your Child in Harrisburg, Look No Further

Bring your whole family in for chiropractic care at Skocik Chiropractic. Regular check-ups during childhood can catch certain issues like minor and major spinal dysfunctions, posture issues that can lead to life-long problems, gait issues, and even stresses and allergies. Chiropractic adjustments in childhood and after growth spurts for teens are beneficial for many reasons. And if your child is injured in an accident or playing a sport we can help them recover and heal without lasting issues from healing with a misalignment. Look no further than our chiropractic clinic for the best in care for your family.

Contact Us to Set Up a Family Chiropractic Appointment

Call us at Skocik Chiropractic to schedule a chiropractic appointment for any member of your family. We can help you and your family members reduce your pain, recover from an injury, and achieve your health goals. Come in to see what unique and specialized care can do for your family. We serve Harrisburg and the surrounding areas with quality chiropractic care. Call today, (717) 540-8448.

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  • "Skocik Chiropractic was very personable and informative. Dr. Skocik and his staff purposefully takes care of their patients with attentiveness and professionalism. I enjoyed my time there and highly recommend Skocik Chiropractic."
    B, Wanda

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