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Sensory Neuropathy

If you're suffering from mysterious episodes of pain, burning, tingling, numbness and other odd symptoms, you may have a nerves condition called sensory neuropathy. you may also hear it referred to as polyneuropathy, because it involves multiple nerves, or peripheral neuropathy if it involves peripheral nerves near the skin. These uncomfortable symptoms are a sign of nerve damage caused by injury or certain illnesses such as diabetes. Here at Skocik Chiropractic, we can uncover that underlying threat to your health and wellness while also treating your pain and other issues without drugs or surgery.

Understanding Sensory Neuropathy (Sensory Nerve Pain)

Different types of nerves do different things for the body. Autonomic nerves regular involuntary physical processes, for instance, while motor nerves control movement. Sensory nerves are responsible for relaying everything you feel, from injury-related pain to changes in temperature. If these nerves experience damage, the sensory signals can misfire wildly, producing a variety of sensations or failing to produce any sensations at all. Telltale signs of sensory neuropathy include:

  • A burning sensation just under the skin
  • Hypersensitivity to any kind or touch or pressure
  • Sharp, shooting pains that may be more obvious at night
  • Numbness or tingling sensations
  • Coordination problems (because you're not receiving correct sensory data)

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Sensory Neuropathy Treatment for Harrisburg, Progress, Hershey, Lower Paxton, Colonial Park and Grantville PA

Sensory neuropathy can be the result of a pinched nerve or nerve root; it may also indicate the presence of a serious systemic ailment that requires immediate care. That's why you need to get the source of those strange sensations identified ASAP -- and at Skocik Chiropractic, we help Harrisburg, Progress, Hershey, Lower Paxton, Colonial Park and Grantville PA patients do just that. Our chiropractor, Dr. Skocik will start by taking your family and personal medical history, discussing your symptoms and administering a thorough examination. Once we've found the underlying cause of your sensory neuropathy, we may treat your symptoms with:

  • Chiropractic adjustment - If a spinal misalignment is creating nerve or spinal cord impingement, our chiropractor can perform adjustments to help you achieve a more normal alignment can relieve that pressure.
  • Spinal decompression - Spinal decompression can relieve nerve impingement caused by a herniated disc. The negative pressure created in the spinal column pulls the disc away from the pinched nerve tissue.
  • Massage therapy - Adhesions (internal scar tissue) can sometimes contribute to neuropathy. Massage therapy can help break up adhesions to relieve pain.
  • THOR laser therapy - THOR laser therapy not only relieves nerve pain related to a soft tissue injury, but it can actually help damaged nerve tissue regenerate and repair itself over time.
  • Nutritional therapy - we can perform nutrition testing to see whether your neuropathy is caused by a deficiency of some kind. If it is, we can recommend supplements and dietary changes.

Call (717) 540-8448  today to schedule a consultation at Skocik Chiropractic. We want to be your resource for natural pain relief, health and wellness!

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