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Spinal Stenosis

Our Harrisburg Chiropractor Discusses about Neuropathy Secondary to Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the open spaces in the bones of the spine, especially in spinal canal that houses the spinal cord and nerves. The condition can be congenital, meaning some people are born with spinal stenosis, or it can develop with age. Many people with the spine condition develop neuropathy secondary to spinal stenosis, which causes numbness and weakness in arms and legs. The condition can be debilitating at times. Fortunately, our Harrisburg chiropractor, Dr. Albert Skocik, provides chiropractic care and a variety of other treatments for neuropathy secondary to spinal stenosis.  


About Neuropathy Secondary to Spinal Stenosis

The phrase ‘neuropathy secondary to spinal stenosis’ sounds confusing at first but our chiropractor helps patients understand the condition by breaking down complex physiological concepts into simple terms.

The bones of the spine, known as vertebrae, are stacked on top of one another like a deck of cards to allow the human body to twist, turn and bend. The stacked vertebrae form the spinal column. Inside the column, the vertebrae form a hollow space that houses the spinal cord, a bundle of nerves that carries signals from the brain to the rest of the body and back. Individual nerves run from the spinal cord through tiny canals in between each vertebra out to the rest of the body.

These nerves transmit temperature and pressure signals to the brain. Pinching the nerve causes it to send a pain signal to the brain. Neuropathy is a disease or dysfunction of one of these nerves, and this dysfunction causes the nerve to transmit improper signals, resulting in pain, numbness or weakness.

Spinal stenosis causes narrowing in three different areas of the spine:

The canal in the center of the spinal column
The entrance of the canal where nerves first bend away from spinal cord
The exit of the canal where the nerve leaves the vertebra and branches out the rest of the body

Narrowing of any of these areas can press against the nerve to cause symptoms of neuropathy. Medical professionals refer to this as ‘neuropathy secondary to spinal stenosis,’ which means that the weakness, numbness and pain are due to the spine problem and not the result of a disease affecting the nervous system.

Chiropractors Provide Treatment for Neuropathy Secondary to Spinal Stenosis

Our chiropractors provide a variety of safe and effective treatment approaches to relieve symptoms of neuropathy secondary to spinal stenosis. Chiropractic care for spinal stenosis and symptoms of neuropathy can include spinal decompression and rehabilitation, THOR Laser Therapy, massage therapy, wellness care, and nutrition.

Spinal decompression and rehabilitation works to alleviate neuropathy symptoms by relieving pressure between the vertebrae, where nerves pass through the spinal column, and through rehabilitative exercises that reduce compression. THOR Laser Therapy harnesses the therapeutic powers of laser light that promote healing while massage therapy stimulates nervous function, circulation and healing. Wellness care and nutrition round out the program, providing supportive treatments that reduce symptoms.

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Our chiropractor at Skocik Chiropractic at 5431 Jonestown Rd in Harrisburg, PA, provides a variety of safe and effective treatments. If you have neuropathy secondary to spinal stenosis, make an appointment for chiropractic care by calling (717) 540-8448

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