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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment with our Harrisburg Chiropractor

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Do you have to turn your whole body just to look at someone or something? If so, you're probably acutely aware of just how debilitating neck pain and stiffness can be. Whether you damaged your neck in an accident or you're suffering from chronic or age-related cervical spinal issues, you can get over that nagging pain and get your life back without turning to either drugs or surgery. Here at Skocik Chiropractic, our trusted Harrisburg chiropractor is happy to provide you with natural neck pain relief.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

The reasons for neck pain aren't always obvious. Of course, you probably know where that neck pain is coming from if you've just had an auto accident or another injury that threw your head around. This violent head motion can create a painful syndrome known as whiplash, featuring strained muscles, dislocated cervical joints, and herniated cervical discs. But even in an accident, shock and adrenalin can delay the onset of neck symptoms (which is why you should always get your neck checked out regardless of pain).

The neck's structures and alignment may also undergo subtle changes that produce pain. Age-related bulging discs, arthritis in the cervical spinal joints, bone spurs, and an alignment shift called spondylolisthesis can all cause or worsen a case of chronic neck pain. A misalignment at the top of the spine may alter the angle of your head, straining the supporting neck muscles. You could even be sabotaging your neck through postural habits such as always staring down at your cell phone, which can cause a form of soft tissue strain called "text neck."

Non-Surgical Neck Treatments from our Chiropractor

Our chiropractor, Dr. Skocik, can analyze your posture, cervical alignment, symptoms, and medical history to prescribe natural neck pain treatments that can help you avoid surgery. We can prepare a customized treatment program using modalities such as:

  • Cervical spinal adjustments to optimize your vertebral alignment and joint positioning
  • Spinal decompression to relieve neck pain related to herniated or bulging discs
  • Massage therapy and THOR laser therapy to soothe strained muscles and help injured tissues heal themselves
  • Nutritional options such as Metagenics to help you repair your body more effectively
  • Physical rehabilitation to help you get your neck working properly again
  • Lifestyle recommendations to help you maintain a healthier neck posture

Get the Help Your Neck Needs from our Trusted Chiropractor in Harrisburg, PA

The answers to your neck pain are right here at our Harrisburg chiropractic clinic. Take action now to give your neck the help it needs. Call Skocik Chiropractic at (717) 540-8448 today to schedule a neck evaluation so we can start helping you feel better!

This examination is entirely FREE!

** Due to Federal Regulations, This offer does not apply to Medicare/Medicaid. **

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