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Skocik Chiropractic in Harrisburg Offers Natural Solutions for Back Pain

Back pain is one of those symptoms that can completely stop you in your tracks, limiting your ability to work, play, take care of your family or enjoy any quality of life at all. Whether you've recently sustained an acute back injury or you're dealing with the effects of a chronically misaligned spine, you need treatment that tackles the underlying cause of your distress, ideally without resorting to major surgery. Our chiropractor at Skocik Chiropractic, Dr. Albert Skocik, can provide you with the non-invasive adjustments and supportive therapy necessary to get your back on track.

One of the frustrating things about back pain is how many possible causes it can have. Your spine and and back muscles work together to support your body, enabling you to balance while twisting, bending, jumping or walking. The sheer number of moving parts required for this mix of articulation and stability makes the back vulnerable to various kinds of health challenges. Lifting a heavy object incorrectly, for instance, can strain a muscle in the back, while a impact from an automobile accident can shift the vertebrae and their discs onto nerves, nerve roots or even the spinal cord itself. Back pain can also occur from poor posture, spinal misalignment and/or gradual degeneration of spinal discs. In the lower back, herniated or bulging disc may impinge the sciatic nerve to cause lower back pain and leg pain (sciatica).

Back Pain Treatment for Harrisburg, Colonial Park, Lower Paxton, Progress, Hershey and Grantville PA

If you're uneasy with the prospect of undergoing major back surgery to relieve a disc or vertebral problem, you're wise to check out Skocik Chiropractic first. Our chiropractor is happy to provide natural back pain treatment for Harrisburg, Colonial Park, Lower Paxton, Progress, Hershey and Grantville PA residents, using conservative techniques that enable the body to heal itself, relieving your back pain without drugs or surgery. These forms of therapy include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments - Chiropractic adjustments can correct even longstanding spinal alignment problems that cause muscle strain and contribute to disc and joint degeneration, improving your biomechanics and taking pressure off of nerves.
  • Spinal decompression - Non-surgical spinal compression uses a mechanized table to create vacuum pressure between vertebrae. The application of small, painless amounts of vacuum force actually draws bulging or herniated discs away from nerve roots, relieving nerve impingement. 
  • Massage Therapy - Massage therapy soothes the tight, strained muscles behind so many cases of back pain. It also encourages better blood flow to the injury site, reducing pain and inflammation while feeding healing nutrients to tissues.
  • Laser therapy - Laser therapy stimulates cell repair for speedier soft tissue healing while also relieving pain and inflammation, making it an invaluable therapy for soft tissue problems related to back pain. The laser beam passes right through the skin without harming it, boosting the production of ATP and enhancing blood flow.
  • Pain management - We can create a customized, drug-free pain management plan to help you control your chronic back pain. Our holistic approach allows us to mix and match specific complementary therapies, creating a "maintenance" program that can keep you feeling better without drugs.

Skocik Chiropractic can help you beat your back pain. Call us at (717) 540-8448.

Find out now whether careful, professional, chiropractic care can relieve your aches and pains. We offer you a complimentary preliminary spinal examination and a report of our findings. The preliminary examination consists of a neurological test, a spinal alignment check, a muscle test, a blood pressure test as well as a private discussion with the doctor to discuss your results.

This examination is entirely FREE!

** Due to Federal Regulations,
This offer does not apply to
Medicare/Medicaid. **

THIS ---->https://www.harrisburgchirodc.com/services/pain-management/back-pain.html

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