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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is an irritation, inflammation or compression of the median nerve. It causes tingling, numbness and weakness in the fingers and thumb minus the pinky finger. Here at Skocik Chiropractic, we can diagnose and treat your carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes

Carpal tunnel is generally a repetitive motion injury caused by repeatedly flexing and moving the hand or performing work that causes the hand and forearm to vibrate. Typists, managers, blue collar workers and individuals in service industries are more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition, certain illnesses, conditions and diseases can cause carpal tunnel, including hypothyroidism, arthritis, diabetes and pregnancy.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

Individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome experience pain in their wrist and their hand. Some individuals also experience pain in their forearm as well as hand and wrist. The ailment gets its name from the carpal tunnel, which allows the median nerve to run from the forearm into the hand. The nerve is responsible for giving feeling to the thumb and first three fingers. Individuals with carpal tunnel often experience tingling, numbness and weakness in their hand and fingers. Untreated carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to loss of muscle mass in the thumb.

Chiropractic Care for Symptom and Pain Relief for Harrisburg, Hershey, Progress, Colonial Park, Lower Paxton, and Grantville, PA

Receiving chiropractic care for carpal tunnel is completely safe and effective and can eliminate the need for surgery, which often involves cutting the traverse carpal ligament to give the median nerve more room.

Chiropractic treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome typically involve spinal and extremity manipulations, massage therapy and corrective exercises. Minor misalignments in the back neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. By correcting these misalignments, the nervous system starts to heal itself and function correctly.

Localized massage therapy can help loosen ligaments and tendons, which helps the chiropractic adjustment and provides pain relief.

Corrective exercises can help strengthen the muscles in the arm, forearm and wrist, which increases grip strength and combats the muscle atrophy that occurs when carpal tunnel is left untreated for years.

In addition, we may recommend diet and lifestyle adjustments. When your body is not getting the proper amounts of lean protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, it can impact your recovery and slow healing. If you participate in certain bad habits, including smoking and drinking, we will give you the tools to stop those bad habits. Smoking can cause inflammation in the wrists as well as many other health issues. Drinking is a depressant and can impact the function of your nervous system.

If you type a lot or perform a job that requires repetitive and constant hand motions, we can help you develop ways to perform those tasks while minimizing the negative effects on your wrists.

To learn more about our non-invasive treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, call our Harrisburg chiropractic office at (717) 540-8448.


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