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Sciatica FAQ

Helpful Answers from Our Harrisburg Chiropractor

Sciatica can affect not only your back but also your lower extremities, robbing you of functionality and making your life miserable. Understanding this troubling problem is the first step toward getting it treated properly by our chiropractor in Harrisburg. Here are some frequently asked questions concerning sciatica symptoms, lower back pain relief, and natural pain management strategies:

What kind of disease is sciatica? Technically, sciatica isn't a disease at all; instead, it's a collection of symptoms that indicate a problem with the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the principal nerve relaying sensations and instructions to the buttock, leg, and foot. When this nerve can't function normally, neither can any of the smaller nerves that branch off of it, requiring treatment from our Harrisburg chiropractor.

What are the symptoms? Sciatica symptoms noted by our Harrisburg chiropractor include lower back pain, pain that seems to shoot down the buttock and into the leg, pins-and-needles sensations, numbness, and mobility problems due to muscle weakness.

How does the sciatic nerve get pinched? A variety of conditions can impinge your sciatic nerve. A spinal injury, for example, can cause one of the lumbar discs to herniate or bulge, and this dislocation can put pressure on the large nerve roots that link the nerve to the spinal cord. Even if you have never had a back injury, years of improper posture or degenerative joint disease may have placed increasing stress on the sciatic nerve over time.

My sciatica went away. Do I still need to see your Harrisburg chiropractor? Sciatic nerve impingement can come and go, with each bout lasting several weeks. But don't expect your lower back pain relief to continue indefinitely. Until our chiropractor in Harrisburg treats the underlying misalignment or injury responsible for your sciatica, you can expect it keep recurring.

How does chiropractic care provide pain management for sciatica? Our chiropractor in Harrisburg treats sciatica by correcting the structural problems behind your sciatic nerve impingement. For instance, if you have a herniated disc pressuring a nerve root, traditional adjustments and/or spinal decompression therapy can encourage the disc to return to its proper position. With the nerve pressure gone, the sciatic nerve resumes its normal functioning and you experience prompt, drug-free lower back pain relief.

How can I keep sciatica from bothering me in the future? The straighter your spinal alignment and the stronger your supporting muscles, the less likely you are to re-impinge your sciatic nerve. Our Harrisburg chiropractor can provide regular wellness evaluations and adjustments to keep your spine in its best possible shape. We can also recommend exercises to help you keep your core abdominal and back muscles strong. This preventative approach is a sensible part of any long-term pain management plan.

Natural Sciatica Pain Management

Contact Skocik Chiropractic at (717) 540-8448 for lasting lower back pain relief and ongoing pain management strategies. Our chiropractor in Harrisburg can help the Harrisburg, Hershey, Progress, Colonial Park, Lower Paxton, and Grantville, PA communities enjoy a sciatica-free life!

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